Meet Our Team

John Hallee, Owner, Enrolled Agent

John earned a B.S. in Business from St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine.  He went on to work for the Internal Revenue Service for eight years as a Revenue Agent where he gained first-hand experience working with the agency.  This knowledge has contributed to John’s professional success and has served his clients well.  After his tenure with the IRS,  John became a partner at  McLaughlin, Hallee & Associates in Boothbay, Maine where he sharpened his skills and focused his practice on serving the commercial lobstermen, fishermen, and sternmen in the Boothbay region and Downeast. In addition to individual and entity tax return preparation, John represents clients, handles the income tax examination proceedings and enjoys business formation, structure, and retirement planning.  You can reach John via email at

Rick Garcia, Enrolled Agent

Rick earned a B.S. in Business/Accounting from St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine. After graduating, Rick went into the retail field and eventually started his own small business. After selling the business in 2007, Rick decided to start a career in tax accounting. He eventually became an enrolled agent and went back to school part-time to earn his Masters in Accounting. Rick has been working at Back River since 2013.  During that time, he has helped businesses and individuals save money on taxes, choose the right structure for their businesses, and plan for the future. Being licensed in securities and insurance helps Rick guide his clients with their retirement and investment planning. Rick also has experience representing clients before the IRS. You can reach Rick via email at

Victoria Christopher, Office Manager

Victoria joined Back River on September 5 as our Office Manager.  She will be responsible for the efficiency and management of the entire office.  Victoria has worked in the private healthcare field and as an administrator at Edward Jones Investments.  She is a successful entrepreneur holding a State of Maine Auctioneer license and owning her own retail antique shop, auction company and antique appraiser. Victoria has over thirty years’ experience in business and office management, public relations, marketing, and human resources.  However, her most gratifying accomplishment has been in changing a client’s expectation when they enter an office or clinic that Victoria manages.  She is committed to bringing a welcoming sense of comfort and ease to any visitor, client, customer or patients who enter the office.  “When clients enter our office, I want them to feel as though they are walking into the home of a good friend. If someone walks into your home nerved up or stressed out there is no way, they will relax enough to listen or converse comfortably.  Unfortunately, not every meeting at Back River can be easy or bear good news, but the experience of walking into our office should always feel welcoming and comfortable.  “I want clients to trust that we will always act with their best interest in mind.” Victoria and her husband Mark have two children, Austin and Laurel.  Austin graduated from Franklin Pierce University in 2017 with his MBA and currently lives in upstate New York, he is professional Ice Hockey Goalie Coach and the Director of Hockey Operations at the Capital Arena.  Laurel is in her second year of college at New Hampshire Technical Institute studying business and culinary arts.  Clients can reach her at

Trish Waterhouse, Receptionist, and Office Assistant

Trish Waterhouse is our newest team member joining us on October 29.  She will most often be your first contact with Back River.  It will be Trish’s voice that greets you when you call or visit the office.  She has over twenty years’ experience in office work and receptionists’ duties.  She was Victoria’s assistant for five years while in the healthcare facility.  Fortunate circumstances found them both in a position to reunite as a team at Back River. Trish was born and raised in central Maine. She and her husband Ian settled in Brunswick for a few years eventually settling down in Dresden.  Trish and Ian have two sons Taran, who lives in the Mid-Coast area with his fiancé and her two sons. Taran and Ian both work at Bath Iron Works.  Her younger son, Jared, settled in Kansas after serving five years with U.S. Army. Trish has worked in clerical positions just shy of twenty years.  She enjoys the people she meets and the satisfaction that comes from this type of work.  She enjoys cooking, baking, and hosting gatherings with family and friends. She is also a huge Disney fan, visiting Disney World several times over the last few years.  “I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit eastern Canada, Europe, the Caribbean as well as many states in the U.S.”  Trish can be reached at